What is project Management?

Definition of Project

According to the Guide of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 6th edition, “a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result”.  By this definition, it appears clear that every project is different from another. Even if two projects may be similar, they will never be the same: although it is possible to build two identical constructions, some requirements, or team members might change, or even if the team members are the same, if they have already gone through one project, they probably will have gained experience and skills that will enhance their performance, the second time.  So, not one project is perfectly equal to another. 

What is project Management?

Now, let us look at what Project Management is. “Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements”.  As a consequence, in order to be effective, Project Management should be based on experience and good practices, universally recognized as useful in most project situations.  Over the past few decades, Project management has grown significantly, and is still expected to change in the near future. The discipline of Project Management allows organizations to achieve brilliant results and relevant benefits. The benefits of effective project management range from accomplishing more work in less time, with fewer resources, ensuring better control of scope changes, making the organization more efficient and effective through better organizational behavior principles, increasing quality, etc.

Who is a project manager?

The Project Manager is the person responsible for leading his/her team to achieve successful results, just like the conductor of a symphonic orchestra: the one who guarantees that all the musicians are synchronized in playing, follow the right music intensity, so that listeners can appreciate the best sound of a Beethoven’s symphony.  At the same way, the Project Manager leads a team to be performing, according to the project management plan and ensure that positive outcomes are accomplished at the end of the project.

What does a project manager do?

No matter where they work, construction, consulting agencies, marketing teams, manufacturing, HR teams, software developers, and event planners or the types of projects they manage, project managers are the men and women on the front lines of projects, defending their teams, clients, and projects from miscommunication, missed deadlines, scope creep, and any other failures. They champion the well-being of the people involved in their projects and look to make or facilitate strategic decisions that uphold the goals of their projects. That’s a hefty job description, and it requires a fine balance of managing the administrative details of a project and its people. While PMs are often lumped in the “behind the scenes” aspect of project, to be highly effective, they need to be a part of the bigger strategic project conversations.

Article by: Stefano Orfei

Project Management Consultant and Trainer (PMP, PMI-PBA)®

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