Webinar – Entrepreneurship and Founding

With Anindya Saha Entrepreneur and Founding Partner for Nero Ventures

The business world has experienced incremental changes for several years, but the pandemic forced an irrevocable shift to happen in a few months. What has always worked for entrepreneurs in the past stopped working form day 2 day.

All those businesses that didn’t surf the wave of innovation closed their doors, the ones that moved quickly in response to the wavering needs of the markets continued to thrive.

The business world is never going back to how it was. The only option for continued success in business is to grow. 2021 will usher in even greater changes especially because entrepreneurs will continue to adapt. 

During the Webinar: Entrepreneurship and Founding, with Anindya Saha, we will explore the emerging business trends, strategies and founding steps for the coming year, such as:

Integrity-Fueled LeadershipConsumers admire leaders who are authentic, vulnerable and willing to admit their mistakes; leaders who don’t elevate their bottom lines over employee and customer satisfaction and leaders who don’t mislead for the sake of reputation and metrics.

Customized Growth Strategies:  Entrepreneurs are recognizing that there is no “one path” to success andno secret formula to success. There is no multi-step process that every single entrepreneur can use to create the same results and according to this consideration the best business strategy is not a rob-and-duplicate model but rather a custom approach that considers vision, values and impact. Entrepreneurship is a one-of-a-kind enterprise. Custom strategies are the way of the future.

Embracing Best Practices Over Templates: Brands are creating the best practices that are customizable versus one-size-fits-all communications, companies will go back to rediscover their unique voices in the market, especially because consumers don’t want their inboxes or social feed filled with generic pitches. They want to feel connected to the businesses and entrepreneurs they respect and we can do this by embracing different communication practices.

Relationships and Conversations are taking the cakeThe business that will thrive in 2021 are the ones that prioritize relationship-building and conversations. Consumers want to be seen, heard and understood, listening and understanding will probably be the most relevant activities in 2021, they take time but creates scalable results. This approach will lead to deeper relationships, increased brand loyalty, a higher instance of referrals and more return of customers.

Go deeper on the newest entrepreneurship trends of 2021, during the Webinar – Entrepreneurship and Founding.

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