Virtual Company Visit – UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute)

The activities of Rome Business School do not stop, our company visits became SMART too. With the students of the master’s degree in Political Marketing we virtually visited the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

Fabrizio De Rosa, UNICRI Public Information Specialist guided us throughout the interactive visit showing the daily activities and objectives of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, explaining how the institution’s wors is suddently communicated to the public. Many questions came from our students, who had full interaction with Fabrizio thanks also to the e-learning platform (Cisco) used daily by Rome Business School.

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is an autonomous United Nations institution and is governed by its Foundation Council. The institution’s job is to prevent and control crime, promoting justice and ensuring security in support of peace and respect for human rights and sustainable development. Justice,crime prevention and the rule of law are the basis for fighting poverty and reducing inequalities, while improving the growth and economic stability of a country and protecting its environment.

UNICRI supports governments and the international community in general in addressing criminal threats to social peace, development and political stability.

The Institute’s current priorities include:

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • Mitigation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks;
  • Illicit trafficking in precious metals and precious stones;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Integrity of the supply chain;
  • Safety of tourism and major events;
  • Violent extremism (including rehabilitation and reintegration of violent extremist criminals);
  • Domestic violence;
  • Protection of the vulnerable population and victims;
  • Juvenile justice;
  • International criminal law;

The students of the Master were very interested in the topics exposed during the virtual visit, especially in the extension of these issues in international dress, fascinated by how the activities of UNICRI have as their goal the global interest and good.

Many student looked interested in deepening their experience with the interregional research institute on crime and justice of the United Nations.

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