The top 5 recruiting companies in 2019 at Rome Business School

 Ikea, Whirlpool, Hays, Adecco, Puma

Rome Business School goal is to guide students to build a solid path towards a successful career and professional future and to do this the business school provide them with top – class training and assist them on building their own professional profile with the support of the Career Services area.

Opening our own vision and enlarging our horizons is the best way to close the gap between the academic world and the job market, creating future opportunities for young talents.

That’s why, ever since Rome Business School was founded, it focused its effort on creating a multicultural and diverse learning environment, becoming the most international business school in Italy, with students coming from more than 150 countries.

Therefore, choosing Rome Business School for a higher education program doesn’t just mean receiving top-level training, but being introduced to brand new perspectives and building strong and lasting bonds that withstand the test of distance

Rome Business School has the privilege of collaborating with many Top world – ranked multinational companies like: Ikea, Whirlpool, Hays, Adecco, Puma and many others. 

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