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The Roman Heritage & its History

Rome Business School and the MHR Business Academy held a very interesting class regarding the Roman Heritage and his History. The Professor Valerio Mancini, from the master in Political Marketing and Communication discuss about the impact that Romans have had on the modern political environment and structure. 

The Roman Empire set the bases of the current political actions, languages and campaigns shaping the strategies that today politians use to promote themselves and their future programmes. Rhetoric, persuasive speech, direct talks to the audience self-celebration are all techniques founded and practiced since the early ages of the Roman Empire. Probably some of the best orator of the history the emperors can teach us a lot regarding political marketing and communication. The power of storytelling in politics is critical they talk about candidates who run to the office to work hard, reduce the complexities of the modern world in simple and pleasant stories. When it come to the moment of choosing the ones who will run our country, those politicians who wins at the end are the best narrators.

The lecture reached the highest level of attention when Valerio analyzed deeper the heritage and the roman history on the Syrian Arab Republic, turning the class in a moment of complete cultural merge getting the full attention of students and relators. 

Rome Business School would like to thanks the MHR group, is always a pleasure to share knowledges and experiences with this fascinating partner, this as other many collaborations are the key to drive students to the international success.

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