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The challenges of being a young manager

Being a Manager is a real challenge for anyone since it leads you to play a role of greater responsibility. But if you’re a young boss and it’s your first time in a managerial role, it can be tough. You find yourself having to manage a team and it may happen that you also have to reprimand senior employees.

On the other hand, the seniors may find it difficult to trust and respect your ideas and opinions due to your lower level of experience. So, they will question your judgment, making it difficult for you to build relationships with your older teammates.

Gaining the trust and respect of your team will not be easy but you will have to strive to manage generational differences, adapting your communication style according to the needs of different people. Start by studying the behavior and work ethic of each age group.

Don’t let your new position and ambition manifest as arrogance. Instead, try to be gentle and humble, letting your managerial skills speak for themselves.

Take the time to get to know your team well, their procedures and their skills.

Seek advice from other managers, their years of experience can help you explore your new responsibilities and develop your leadership skills.

When you are younger than your colleagues, even if you are their manager, it is sometimes easy for them to take advantage of you, especially if you are new to your role.

Proactively share your leadership style and what you expect from your team. But don’t change everything immediately from the day first. Instead, find out what changes they need. Someone with more experience in the company can advise you on previous attempts to make changes that have not worked and save you time and embarrassment in making the same mistake.

Being a young manager can be a difficult challenge, but one that surely leads to great personal and professional growth.

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