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Thank you for participating - Selection Day


We are glad to share with you our pride for the great start of the RBS4Entrepreneurship projects’ selection process.

10 great projects have been presented by 10 RBS students to an evaluation committee composed by 8 members, doing their best in order to enter the HUB Incubation Program. Entering the program would be an amazing opportunity for them to start putting into real their projects, but only 5 of them are going to have this possibility and gain the 10.000 € prize in services to develop their startup idea. These 5 will be announced on July 28th and from then they will have access to a six-month incubation path and will be able to develop their business idea thanks to the support of expert consultants who will guide them in the creation of an MVP. At the end of the incubation program, only one project will be awarded € 25,000 consisting of a package of personalized services for the startup idea development and growth.

This year, the candidates have been more than 130, from almost 50 countries. Their projects mainly covered: ICT and digital, health and wellness, education, art and entertainment, fashion, mobility and logistics, insurance.

The RBS4Enterpreneurship evaluation committee is composed by Luca Tesauro, Founder & CEO Giffoni Innovation Hub, Carmen Martos Molina Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship EAE Business School Spain, Andrea Pietrini Founder and Chairman YOURgroup, Marco Rosci CEO & Co-Founder Epicode School, Francesco Salvatore Head of Innovation at Tree, an Opinno company, Andrea Geremicca Director General of the European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, Mr Anindya Saha Investor & Entrepreneur at Neroventures.

The School considers it crucial to support the growth of the Italian startup ecosystem and, therefore, is particularly committed to supporting its community of entrepreneurs through personalized services that have allowed, in the last two years, to increase by 38% the number of startups created by alumni, despite the pandemic.

In fact, with this program, Rome Business School demonstrates its support for entrepreneurship on an Italian and international scale. The birth of new companies is the basis of economic and social development, so we are happy to make a concrete contribution, accompanying young entrepreneurs in their growth path. The quality and level of innovation of the business projects received are truly promising. Furthermore, many of the startups represent businesses with a high level of positive social impact. This gives us hope for the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs capable of increasingly combining profit with the creation of value for society as a whole.

I would like to thank first of all the students who presented their projects, and also all the people involved in the RBS4Entrepreneurship programme, especially the evaluation committee, Rome Business School Career Services Team, Susanna Ercolani and all the Opinno mentors who supported the students in the initial programme assessments and pitch development.

You can find more information regarding the RBS4Enterpreneurship program and its next steps clinking at: RBS4Entrepreneurship and on our RBS Blog.

See you soon!