Success Stories: Gerald’s time at BizUp

Gerald Nwachukwu, from our Master in Marketing & Communications, has been selected to take part in an internship at BizUp, and is now sharing with us insights on this experience he’s currently living.

Rome, August 30th 2019

After successfully completing his studies in Rome Business School, where he attended a Master in Marketing & Communication, Gerald Nwachukwu kept on going strong on the way towards success: as a Rome Business School student he was in fact selected for a position as a Marketing Intern by the renowned web marketing, digital strategy and online communication agency BizUp – Digital Empowerment. We reached up to him, and he kindly agreed to share with us enlightening details on his still ongoing experience in this prestigious working reality.

  • Hi Gerald! To start off, how did the opportunity with BizUp arise?

I got the internship with BizUp Media thanks to Rome Business School, after a thorough selection process. Once I was selected for the position I knew I would have been able to put into practice what I learned during my Master.

  • How would you describe the internship you are doing?

It has been a great experience, working in such a dynamic multicultural and multi-faceted environment. Finding yourself into a diverse, dynamic working reality, learning to work in a team and pursue common objectives is an enriching factor that helps you grow and mature as a professional and as a person.

  • How have you integrated at the firm? What is the working atmosphere like?

Being a non-Italian speaker, integration was a bit slow, but thanks to my colleagues, who have been nothing short of amazing, I finally felt like I was part of something bigger, and I was very motivated to give my best and learn all I could.

  • What were your expectations at the start of the Master in Marketing & Communications at Rome Business School? Are they being fulfilled?

My expectations were to operate in an international environment and build a good network of friends. So far everything is going well and my expectations are still on course.

  • Did our career services play an important role in helping you find and land this opportunity?

Yes, they provided 100% support for this particular internship opportunity, and have been by my side through every step of the process, making sure I would be placed in a working environment suitable to my professional background and where I would have been able to use my skills at my best.

  • To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Rome Business School, a growing reality who is working with passion and dedication to constantly improve its services.

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