Success stories: Apostolos Christoforidis

Apostols Chirtoforidis one of our students from the Master in International Human Resources Management told us about his experience with the PNValue Hellas IKE company.

My position at PNValue Hellas as an HR intern, came after having been working closely with the career services department. One of my daily tasks was of being responsible for the Rome Business School’s office in Athens, as well as looking after the personal relationship of the company members, making remuneration reports, interviewing candidates and working with insurance and pharmaceutical companies in order to create tailor-made training programmes. 

Which aspects of your day-to-day tasks would you highlight?

I would consider the creation of tailor-made training programmes one of the most interesting and important tasks that I had during my internship experience.

Starting as an idea for my final project, creating these training programmes quickly became my daily work-routine. The purpose of the programmes were to train the key talent of a firm effectively in order to fill up managerial positions in the near future. Through research on what products the market in Greece is missing, I decided to focus on the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Working closely with HR managers gave me the opportunity to expand my professional network as well as the knowledge, which I had one these two industries.

What are your professional objectives in the short and long term? 

My short-term goal is to make the best possible job for my company PNValue, in terms of revenue and value-creation. As for my long-term goals, I would like to work as an HR consultant for an international advisory firm, with a focus on Recruiting.

What were your expectations at the start of the Master in International Human Resources Management at Rome Business School? Are they being fulfilled?

When I decided to enroll in the master in HR, I was a recent graduate of economics with no working experience. However, I was very passionate about HR, so I had very high expectacions from my studies in Rome Business School. Fortunately, the combination of lectures, Career services and the internship at PNValue, collaborated in fulfilling these expectacions. During my time in Rome, I had the chance to cultivate my leadership as well as finding my ideal career path which is Recruitng.

Did our career services play an important role in helping you to find and land this opportunity?

To find my current position, the Career Services played a pivotal role. They were the ones that initiated the first contact between myself and professor Piliounis, owner of PNValue. Additionally I would like to mention the willingness of both Carmen and Alessandra, to help me in any issue that I had.

To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

I recommend Rome Business School to anyone who is pursuing any managerial master’s degree. All the lectures involved are experienced professionals, focused on analyzing real-life cases. Apart from the lectures, Rome Business School offers you the chance to take initiative and be involved in many different projects such as the creation of cultural event.

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