Studying in Rome | The experience of Bikouyi Lekombagni

Exclusive Experience in Rome by Bikouyi Lekombagni

Bikouyi Lekombagni, a lively student in our MBA programme, someone who, not only always have a smile on his face, but also have a way to always put a smile on everyone else’s face. Bikouyi is originally from Gibon, but has been living and working in Mexico for a few years until he decided to move to Rome, to do an MBA programme at the Rome Business School.

Read all about Bikouyi and his experience in Rome as an international student at Rome Business School.

1. Describe Rome in one word: Exquisite

2. What I like about Rome: The well-crafted architecture.

3. The things I miss most about home while abroad: In general, just the sensation of being at home. I would like to stop feeling that I am not at home (no one reminds me that I am not at home).

4. The major cultural differences that I noticed since I have been at the Rome Business School: This is a difficult question. It is difficult to perceive any differences when the Rome Business School environment already provides an excellent Integration platform and most students have somehow been exposed to an international environment. If there is a difference, I would say that it may be the meanings and perceptions associate with WORDS, which are affected by individual cultural backgrounds. Personally, I saw this during a small exercise performed when Nikal visited the Rome Business School. Another point can be food choice, we (the classmates) usually take some time to select a restaurant in which to eat; very funny.

5. Some of the positive experiences that I have had as an international student: The interaction between students (International – International and International – National) and its impact in the classroom and on ourselves, very interesting.

6. The things that I enjoyed most about studying at the Rome Business School and in Rome: It is a pleasant and diverse environment (International staff members and teachers/lecturers). The support received from all of them is absolutely amazing.



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