Studying in Rome | The experience of Abigail Lewis

Exclusive Experience in Rome by Abigail Lewis

Abigail Lewis, a unique and talented student who came all the way from the United States. She is currently studying in the Master in Marketing and Communications at the Rome Business School, although she has been living in Rome since 2012.

As you know, moving to a different country can be quite challenging, but at the same time, exciting! Read all about Abigail and her experience in Rome, while studying at the Rome Business School.


1. Describe Rome in one word: Untamed


2. What I like about Rome: I like Rome’s passionate atmosphere: the intimacy and tactility of the language, the heavy, floral air in the summertime, the romantic decadence of its scattered ruins and narrow cobblestone streets. In comparison, the states feel sterile and lackluster.


3. What I find weird about Rome: Everything and I love it.


4. The things I miss most about home while abroad: When I am in Rome, I miss the efficiency of the states in general, and the wild, potent nature of Santa Cruz, CA, the city I am from, ripe avocados and fish tacos.


5. The major cultural differences that I noticed since I have been at Rome Business School: I had lived in Rome for four years before starting my studies at Rome Business School, so the major cultural differences that I noticed were less related to the city and more related to my interactions with the students in my class. My class is composed of about 25 students from around 20 different countries—the most international setting I have ever been a part of. I encounter cultural differences, both big and small, on the daily!


6. Some of the positive experiences that I have had as an international student: One of the most positive experiences for me as an international student has been learning the Italian language. This has given me the opportunity to form profound relationships with Italian friends and to understand the quirks and intimacies of the Italian culture—a gift that will continue giving for the rest of my life.


7. The things that I enjoyed most about studying at Rome Business School and in Rome: I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the high-quality, creative and inspiring professors at Rome Business School (seriously, great professors) as well as the friendly and considerate administration and staff.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the programs: I was able to combine a Master in Marketing and Communications with the Master in Art and Culture Management, linking an interest and passion of mine together.

Deciding to study in Rome was one of the best decisions of my life—starting in 2012 when I began my bachelor’s degree, until the present at Rome Business School. Rome is a challenging city to live in, but its magical charm and historical and artistic depth more than make up for it.

Rome has become home for me, and I don’t know when, if ever, I am going to leave.


Master in Marketing and Communications

United States of America


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