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Studying in Rome | The experience of Mayte Alquicira

Here is an exclusive experience of Mayte, Master in Arts and Culture Management student from Mexico

1. How would you describe your experience in Rome?

It was a life changing experience during which I had the opportunity to challenge my mind. It allowed me to break out of and free myself from the paradigms that I used to have regarding culture, business, and, most importantly, myself.

2. What was your favourite food in Rome?

My perfect meal was a caprese salad, pasta amatriciana, a glass of red wine, and a cannolo! I still dream about it some days!

3. What are some of the positive experiences that you have had as an international student?

Having the opportunity to become part of an international network of people that share my interests and with whom I will be able to develop interesting projects with the same international projection. And also one of the best things is that they have also become some of my new friends!

4. What was the hardest adjustment you had to make when you moved abroad?

To understand the paperwork required by the government and to accept that it is part of an international experience, no matter the country.

5. Did you meet anyone who changed your experience or impacted your stay in Rome?

Fortunately, I found more than one person that impacted this experience. From my professor to my roommates, everyone taught me incredible lessons that made me grow both personally and professionally.

6. What were some of the things that you enjoyed the most about studying at the Rome Business School?

The diversification of nationalities that enriched the whole experience and the balance between live lectures and company visits, which enabled me to practice in order to develop in the professional field.