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High employment rates, an excellent number of placement opportunities and a higher entrance salary compared to the one of only graduates. These are the strengths of the 2,800 master’s courses, of public and private Italian universities, starting in 2020-21.

Rome Business School is part of the guide “Best Masters 2021 of Sole24Ore” which shows the main news about teaching, costs, scholarship and career opportunities of 2020/21 of the best Italian universities and private institutes. Focusing on subjects like: Economy, Finance, Law, Political Science, Social Science, Health and Medicine, Administration and Management, the Sole24Ore ranking, guide students through the choice of the most appropriate educational path to pursue in order to meet their expected goals.

The Career Services areas of each single institution is from this year a key object of ranking. The institution section dedicated to the activities organized in collaboration and partnership with multinational and national well-known companies is now a fundamental aspect of the higher education structure, in Italy and abroad, with which is possible to organize internships, and collaboration projects.

There is no lack of information on the “Master 21 – The guide to choose” both on quality certifications and on facilitations for students. Available now online in the Lab24 section of the Sole24ore, it allows you to access all courses run by Italian, public, private and telematic universities, by major private entities and schools of excellence. All courses can be selected on the basis of university, subject area, province, cost and much more.

As often mentioned, our purpose as a Business School is to train qualified students and future professionals capable of revolutionizing the Business market through an innovative approach to the job environment, operating under a totally international perspective, through the creation of a real international community of students, that unites more than 150 nationalities form around the world. 

Choosing Rome Business School for a professional training program does not only mean receiving a first level education, but also expanding one’s horizons towards different future opportunities aimed at creating networks of contacts and communications lasting over time and despite distances.

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