Russian Delegation on “Doing Business in Italy”

On Thursday, November 3, 2016 -the Rome Business School hosted the ‘Doing Business in Italy’ workshop for a delegation of Russian Entrepreneurs in Rome, Italy.

Professor Melanie Mueller, Academic Supervisor at the Rome Business School, welcomed the group with a warm welcome speech. This was followed by a presentation on ‘Doing Business in Italy’, which provides tailored business information and solutions for those who may be interested in doing business in Italy in the future.

Prof. Mueller led attendees through the presentation, highlighting the business plan, visions, and strategies required to successfully do business in Italy. Therefore, attendees had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Italian market trends, investment opportunities, as well as, opportunities and threads of establishing relations with Italian companies and how to effectively approach Italians on a business perspective.

Thank you all for visiting the Rome Business School. It was a pleasure having you all with us in the Eternal City called ‘Rome’.


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