Rome Business School’s Welcome Week is almost here!

A week of educational and entertaining activities to ensure our students start their path towards success in the best way possible.

Rome, October 2nd 2019

A new intake is about to begin, and lots of new students are about to walk through the doors of Rome Business School for the first time. Although they already know quite well our school, there’s only so much you can learn without finding yourself in the very place you’re going to attend a higher education program. What better way to fill those gaps than gathering altogether and take your first steps in this thrilling journey towards a bright professional future?

Rome Business School meets the students’ needs for orientation and settling in by organizing a Welcome Week, a chance for new students to get familiar with our school, meet our teachers, our staff and learn everything there is to know about one’s academic path, as well as learning the first and crucial lessons and tricks to build a solid career.

Rome Business School’s Welcome Week will start on Friday, October 11th all the way until October 18th.

Stay tuned, as more information will be revealed in the coming days!

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