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Rome Business School welcomes students and faculty from West Georgia University

On March 25th 2022 Rome Business School had the pleasure to host a delegation of 31 students and 7 faculty members (Toyosi Pius, Bruce MakayBird, John Willis Upson, Erich Bergiel, Cheryl O’Meara Brown, Salil Madhukar Talpade, Blaise J Bergiel) from the University of West Georgia, Atlanta USA, for a workshop about the Italian and American economy.

The delegation has spent one week in Italy for a study tour, passing through Milan, Florence and finally Rome. The scope is to study first-hands the Italian market and they choose our school as final destination of their journey.

Here at Rome Business School the students, coming from marketing studies and management studies, had the chance to face with our students and our faculty.

Rome Business School staff welcomed the delegation and started the event. The first to talk was Dr. Blaise Bergiel, Professor of International Marketing at the University of West Georgia. His speech was focalized on challenges of international marketing and in particular, on the different commercials in different countries. The focal point was underlining how important it is to analyse the cultural differences when you want to export or promote a product in a foreign Country. “The most important thing is to adapt ourselves to other cultures and stop having a self-reference”, he said.

The second speaker was a member of our faculty, Professor Valerio Mancini, who focused on Nation Branding, with a particular attention to the Italian case and on the Export Management between Italy and USA. “U.S. is our first market and first partner for the commercial”.

Then, the students had the opportunity to take a break, enjoying our campus and to network with our students, our faculty and our staff.

Later, they divided themselves in groups to partake in the main activity of the event: launching an American product in the Italian market and/or launching an Italian product in the American market.

Even if they didn’t have much time, they managed to present very interesting ideas and projects, showing to have understand perfectly the main goal of the workshop.

This event was a great opportunity of sharing ideas and knowledge, of networking and growth. Let’s hope to have put basis for future collaborations with the University of West Georgia.