Making contact with art masterpieces to enhance creativity and management innovation

On Saturday the 21st of November 2013, the students of the Rome Business School took part in a new session of the institute’s LeARn To programme by visiting the world renowned Vatican Museums. This programme is aimed at the enrichment of the managerial approach with creative, aesthetic and value oriented aspects that should be distinctive features of the modern manager.

Within their walls, the Vatican Museums not only preserve the history and artifacts of the oldest state still in existence, but also works of relevance to the whole of humanity. This makes them a must-see attraction among the many other great ones of the eternal city. To fully understand the importance and value of these museums we relied on the expert voice of a guide who led us through the spacious rooms decorated by the artists of the classical period. Moving from room to room, one can admire the paintings of the great masters such as Michelangelo’s ” Last Judgement “, Cosimo Rosselli’s ” The Last Supper ” and Raphael’s “The delivery of the keys”. Contemporary art is also rerepresented, with Arnaldo Pomodoro’s giant “Sphere within sphere” erected in the museums’ Cortile della Pigna.

This new experience made it possible to put in place one more piece of art in the training of excellence mosaic that the Rome Business School imparts to its students . Was also present contemporary art represented by Arnaldo Pomodoro and his giant sphere placed in the courtyard of the pine cone. This new experience has allowed us to add another artistic notch in the training of excellence that we deliver to our students.

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