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Rome Business School Students Meet Ferrari

Rome Business School students had the incredible opportunity to meet with Ferrari.

The meeting with Ferrari, which best represents the best of “Made in Italy” excellence world-wide, highlighted how much the success of a company comes not only from the quality of its products, but also from the work and passion of those who work every day to make those products unique.

For 10 years within the Ferrari family, Dennis de Munck, University Partnerships at Ferrari, shared his professional and personal experience with our students. He described the brand, its evolution, the values and DNA of Ferrari so that our students may have a good insight into what makes Ferrari unique and all its everyday stimulating challenges of meeting the expectations of its customers.

Participants were able to gain knowledge, inspiration and precious professional insights in a very interactive debate together with one of the leading luxury brands in the world, symbol of Italian excellence. They also got the amazing opportunity of learning more about the entire recruitment process within the Ferrari and the different great career opportunities offered.

A truly inspiring and valuable meeting, thank you Mr. Dennis de Munck!