Rome Business School signs new Partership with Medici Senza Frontiere

Medici Senza Frontiere has been saving lives in the heart of conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters for 50 years. They intervene where they are most needed. At the heart of their identity is a commitment to independence, neutrality and impartiality. These principles have guided every aspect of their work-from medical assistance and logistics to financial aspects and communication-since MSF was founded in 1971. MSF’s actions are first and foremost medical. They provide high-quality care to all patients while adhering to the principles of medical ethics. They respect everyone’s autonomy, confidentiality and right to informed consent. They care for them with dignity and respect for their religious and cultural beliefs.


They provide assistance to people based on their needs, no matter what country they come from, what religion they belong to or what their political orientation is. They give priority to those in the greatest and most immediate danger.


Provide assistance only based on their assessment of medical/humanitarian needs, independent of political, economic or religious interests. They are committed to assessing needs without conditioning and accessing populations without restrictions.
Their independence of action is based on their economic independence, guaranteed by donations from private individuals, which account for 100 percent of the funds raised in Italy. Thanks to supporters’ contributions, they can intervene quickly, effectively and independently in the most urgent contexts around the world.

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In cases of armed conflict, they do not take sides or support the objectives of the parties to the conflict. Hostilities and weapons must be left outside the gate of their hospitals. Sometimes they are not present on all sides of a conflict: this may be because they have been denied access, because of security concerns, or because the main needs of that population are already covered. 

The principles of impartiality and neutrality are not synonymous with silence. Their closeness to people entails a duty to make their situation known in order to help improve it. They publicly denounce when they witness acts of extreme violence. They try to turn the spotlight on people’s needs and suffering when access to care is hindered and medical facilities are at risk, when crises are forgotten, or when humanitarian aid is inadequate or exploited.

“MSF Italy is committed to attracting talent to be responsive to its organizational needs. Recently, the collaboration with Rome Business School and its Career Service is contributing positively to the recruitment of profiles in MSF, as students from the business school have joined our organization through the internship program and in staff positions,” says Maria Luisa Garofalo, Human Resources Development Specialist in MSF.

“We are pleased to expand our Corporate Network with a prominent Association, whose actions we, in different ways, share consistency with its principles. It is precisely thanks to such realities that we want to offer our students exchange, and professional opportunities that can shape the profiles of the future, with ethical and humanitarian thinking.” says the Dean of RBS

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