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Rome Business School professional impact of the master on our students’ careers

Post – Graduation Statistics

From the Rome Business School – Employment Report 2021 we found out how many benefits we can get form earning a Master, they are countless. A Master program helps you in gaining specialized knowledge and gives you a more in-depth understanding of your personal competencies and career focus in order to advance in a more specific field. During your Masters studies you will learn more about your interested subject and the learning materials will be less general in comparison to an undergraduate study.

You will have the unique opportunity to research niche topics of interest. This opportunity is present in science-related fields, communications, management, and several other fields lined up. By uncovering market changes and technology shifts, you directly gain in-depth knowledge of your area of expertise, increasing your proficiency in a particular discipline, which can give you a clear advantage in a period where when many employers are raising their educational requirements, to merge the demand of many emerging positions.

All of the advantages of having a Master’s degree are interlinked. If your problem-solving skills and sense of understanding increase, of course, career opportunities will show up around the corner. Prospective employers are much more likely to give your resume a harder look than resumes from individuals that don’t hold a Master’s degree. Your name and qualifications will stick in their mind when choosing new hires.

As the labour market evolves, a Specialized Master shows that you are focused on enhancing your industry expertise and credibility. From the analysis of our Employment Report 2021 we have been able to register that:

  • 92% Of our students received a job offer after the completion of their Master;
  • 72% Of our students managed to increase their salary after the completion of their Master;

Salary progression

The income potential is probably the main reason why most of the students pursue a master’s degree, this is why obtaining it is one of the most important decisions you can make to help you achieve a higher career quality. By analysing the average salary progression of our students after the completion of their Master, we also registered that:

MBAs students manage to reach of the 22% the highest salary rate after the completion of the course;

  • Part Time Master’s students result the best percentage of increased salary, 27%;
  • Full Time Master’s students have an 16% highest salary compared to the Part Time ones;
  • Student’s form the Master in Marketing and Sales present the highest salary rate;

Networking Skills

As you go through your Master’s program, there will be quite a few opportunities to network with others in your industry. Rome Business School offers, internships for students in each Master’s program, that will help them to get closer to the people who are already a part of specific industries in their field of study. In many instances, this is actually something that will lead to their employment after graduation. Or, at the very least, you will be left with several contacts to rely on as you are continuing to build your career in a chosen sector.

Be competitive

Getting your Master’s degree today means being competitive in the job market. It is becoming increasingly more popular for students to obtain their Master’s degree, as noted – because of higher chances of achieving important positions or promotions. Completing your Master’s degree means that you are a more desirable candidate, even if you have been around in the industry for years.