Rome Business School meets Liu Jo

Liu Jo: from a small company founded in 1995 to one of the most important all-Italian premium fashion brands in the world. That’s the brand students met today, getting the wonderful opportunity to learn about its evolution, reality and placement opportunities.

Better Together: Social Accountability in The Workplace

In the first part of the meeting, guest Valentina Leanza, HR Recruiter & Training at Liu Jo presented the company, talking about the company’s history, its reality, the pillars and values, providing also a brief description of the scenario in which the company operates. She also presented the project “Better Together”, implemented by Liu Jo in order to build day by day a sustainable workplace. This has recently led it to get one of the main international Social Accountability Certifications, the SA8000 standard, its inspiring principle being ethics and respect for people’s working conditions. Compliance with international standards is part of a broader perspective that sees fashion as a way to create beauty as well as a key tool to trigger change, ideas and initiatives that can really embody and respond to the needs of the world we live in.

The Advertising Campaigns: Revolutionary TV Commercials And Top Models

Not only that, it was also very interesting for students to learn about the evolution of the brand’s communication. From Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner, Liu Jo’s history of communication is one of the brand’s strengths and has remarkably helped make it a success story.

On one hand, the advertising campaigns (both offline and online), as witnesses to its premium positioning and as a completion to global brand awareness, with some of the most famous top models of all times, major productions and great photographers.

On the other hand, the TV commercials, launched in 2008 with the iconic Bottom Up jeans and now also featuring the entire accessory world: from Christmas Itbags to sneakers, Liu Jo’s commercials revolutionized the TV language by adding a touch of freshness, irony and with a focus on entertainment.

Placement Opportunities

Finally, in the last part of the meeting the focus shifted to recruitment and internship opportunities: description of the internal recruitment process, presentation of different program and internships available, and valuable tips on how to apply for opportunities.

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