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Rome Business School Students meet GroupM and discuss new trends

On May 20, 2022 an exciting company meeting with GroupM will take place.

Who is GroupM

GroupM is the world’s largest advertising media company, by billings. Headquartered in New York City, the company has over 36,000 employees and 400 offices in over 100 countries.

Advertising media play a pivotal role in business and marketing for companies, not only in reaching potential customers and increasing market shares, but also in building more valuable brands in the era of digital transformations. Getting over the creative block, a media campaign is the way Marketers spread messages about their products or business purpose while aiming to be ever closer to the point of interaction with consumers. This is possible by shifting media strategies from mass-media communication to an addressable communication across many touchpoints. Mindshare and its holding GroupM act at the heart of communication industry, offering many services that go beyond simply media buying or optimization. We embrace future proof business relationships based on strategy consulting, design by data, forecast & planning and work collaboratively as an extension of clients’ business.  

Trends in Digital Communication

With today’s “excellent” being tomorrow’s standard, brands that wish to stand out from the pack and outperform their peers will need to break through and capture the attention of their customers in increasingly subtle ways. To ensure both our energy and that of our clients are invested in the most valuable way, agency of the future must enable modern customer engagement by brands even more through the deployment of leading talents and progressive operating models. As media users move their core interactions to digitally enriched channels and the expectation and the affordance of those channels exponentially increases, we see ourselves and media partners lead with digital-first approach, backed up with a rigorous data-driven understanding of customers and their behaviour. The skills, capabilities and ways of working needed by brands for achieving impact on business results through the power of media are evolving as the pace of change quickens. Nothing constantly changes faster than media in the advertising industry. Identify at-scale opportunities to keep a competitive edge and accelerating brand growth is our mission in Mindshare. We think that key territories of growth are the results of the convergence between media, content and commerce in the time of digital platforms. Starting from a deep outlook of media scenario, then we will provide you with many key facts about media: investments forecast, media fruition of total population and emerging trends, offline and online media habits and users’ preferences between linear and on-demand content, our point of view about new channels, content creation phenomenon, influencers and other media opportunities enabled by latest technology. Audio revolution, shoppable media, addressability, hyper-immersive experience are just a few examples of keywords that will characterize our narrative. Furthermore, we will analyse drivers of media transformations and inspire you by showing how we have intercepted these trends bringing them to life into many case histories. We will tell you successful brand stories of our clients, from different sectors (such as automotive, fast-moving consumer goods, tourism, etc..) in driving different communication objectives, from awareness to performance. 

In conclusion, digital and technical skills are the tools of the trade in the media business, but talent remains at the forefront of any future media strategy. Today media agencies are looking for creative thinkers to constantly lead the media way with creative solutions. Bringing media knowledge, creativity, data literacy and digital expertise together will be the only way to deliver exceptional experiences for our consumers in the future. An integrated way of working – with a deeply connected culture – will define successful advertising businesses. For basic, repeatable tasks, an integrated way of working can – and should – be codified. This also provides the opportunity for optimisation of the process and increasing automation using technology. But for high value and innovative outcomes, however, a connected culture of media will need to be developed and nurtured through passions and talented creative thinkers