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Rome Business School kicks off new academic year with 2,400 students, 309 professors and 5 new master's degrees

  • Of them, 1481 begin their studies in October at Rome Business School, which welcomes its new students of whom, 60 percent are international. The main countries of origin, Germany, Spain, the United States, Portugal and France, Turkey, Mexico and Tunisia.
  • There are 56 Master’s degrees offered and 5 new Master’s degrees introduced in response to demands from the world of work: the International Master’s in Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, the International Master’s in Media and Entertainment, the International MBA Rome-Silicon Valley, the Executive Master’s in Finance and Financial Markets, and the Executive Master’s in Sports Management.
  • The business fields most sought after by students: Marketing, General Management, Human Resources, Project Management and Fashion.
  • New additions to the October 2023 intake include: a choice of 18 Elective courses of which 3 prepare for CFA, Tableau, and PMP certifications, two new Bootcamps in Doha (Qatar) and Lagos (Nigeria), joining those already active in Silicon Valley, Paris, Barcelona, Tuscany, and Rome.

Rome Business School welcomes the 1481 intake students in October 2023, who begin their educational journey with Welcome Week, seven days on campus filled with meetings and workshops with faculty and top managers from companies such as Red Bull, Toyota, Bulgari, TIM, for a full immersion in the world of business.

In this new year there are as many as 56 programs offered including Master’s, MBA, Executive courses, 25 Program Directors, part of a faculty of as many as 309 lecturers, of whom 57 are international. Rome Business School for new students enlarges its offer and enriches the academic activity by proposing 5 new Master’s degrees with partners such as Enel, EY, Sky, Oracle; intensifies the hours of lessons, expands the customization of the study path that allows each student the choice among as many as 18 specific elective courses of which 3 are preparatory to CFA, Tableau and PMP certifications; introduces two new international Bootcamps in Doha and Lagos joining Silicon Valley, Paris, Barcelona and Tuscany; and brings to 1047 partner companies, including Amazon, EY, Adidas, Google involved in multiple activities such as Practice Lab, Company Shadowing and Capstone Project.

During the first week of welcome to Rome business School, students have the opportunity to engage with companies and faculty through workshops, meetings, and activities aimed at learning about career opportunities, teaching methodology, and getting advice from professionals from a variety of fields, such as HR and Managers from Rai Cinema, IBM, Redbull for a total of 20 leading participating companies worldwide. Finally, they meet with their Program Directors, including those of the newly introduced Master’s programs: the International MBA Rome-Silicon Valley, the Executive Master’s in Finance and Financial Markets, the Executive Master’s in Sports Management, the International Master’s in Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, and the International Master’s in Media and Entertainment, courses structured ad hoc, in line with the needs of today’s labor market, which in its profiles seeks experience in the international arena, professionals open to inclusiveness and diversity, who stand out in adaptability, soft skills and digital competencies. To this end, Rome Business School has again this year availed itself of the advice of the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB). The latter in fact, composed of managers and CEOs of the largest international companies including, KPMG, Enel, Nestlé, during the CAB workshops shared with RBS needs, trends, critical issues from the world of work helping to outline the most suitable training offer, and continue to make Rome Business School among the most dynamic and innovative in postgraduate education in Italy.

Among the varied activities planned at Welcome Week are workshops on networking and intercultural communication, as well as several sessions focused on the possibilities offered by the Capital. Students will already come into contact with the Career Center, to identify the career path best suited to them, enhanced during the master’s program by individual meetings, mock interviews, workshops and meetings with career coaches, HR consultants and recruiters. The innovations lie in a highly personalized pathway: the Career Starter, dedicated to those who want to excel in their first work experiences; the Career Mover, for students seeking employment in the international arena; the Career Advancer for those who want to grow vertically; and the Career Propeller dedicated to MBA students, to scale the world of entrepreneurship or pursue vertical career progression. The impact on careers is remarkable: in 2022, 82.3 percent of students experienced an improvement in their skills when seeking new job opportunities thanks to the Career Center’s input, while 86.2 percent of them currently hold job positions with greater responsibility (RBS Employment Report 2023).

Finally, students from Welcome Week experience the internationality and impact of the course of study in terms of knowledge, skills and networking, meeting their fellow students from 128 countries. The Rome Business School student’s international experience continues after the Master’s degree: 62 percent of alumni now work outside Italy, 79 percent are employed in companies that operate internationally, and 46 percent in multinational corporations.

“In an ever-changing and interconnected world, Rome Business School remains firmly committed to providing a cutting-edge, global and student-centered education. We are excited to welcome this new group of talent from all corners of the world, and to offer increasingly innovative and relevant programs built with the close collaboration of industry leaders. Our mission is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s job market by providing them with unparalleled skills, tools and an international network. With our educational offerings and numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, we are confident that each student can chart his or her own unique path to success,” says Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School.