Rome Business School is now a member of the EFMD Global Organisation Rome

Business School is pleased to announce the official membership with the EFMD

On January 1, 2020 we became an official member of the EFMD, a global non-profit organization based on affiliation dedicated to the development of management activities. EFMD is recognized globally as an accreditation body for business schools, business school programs and corporate universities, EFMD boasts the support of over 900 members in 91 countries and works daily to promote and achieve excellence in business management, management and global leadership.

EFMD acts day by day to enhance excellence in management education and development globally. Commit itself to build links between business schools and companies creates and disseminates knowledge on best practices and trends in management education and development, provides benchmarking tools, an impact assessment system and accreditations, brings peers together via targeted conferences and seminars to exchange on latest developments and network.

EFMD Manages international projects worldwide, influences international governmental and non-governmental organisations through advocacy and lobbying, it offers to professionals involved with management learning and organisational development the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, relevant and diverse network that aims at developing socially responsible leaders and managers.

The EFMD objectives and mission, perfectly match our “Vision and Mission” of training entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their competence and their ethical approach to business and work, able to play a significant part in the development of an economic humanity and in the future of a more prosperous world rich of new ideas and occasions. This of course on an international level and remaining always fair and respectful of the central role of the individual.

The Rome Business School is a global learning community, which creates opportunities for economic and personal growth, especially now that we are members of the Planeta Formación y Universidades group, an international network created in 2003 by De Agostini and the Planeta group, which embodies the strong commitment of two companies in university and managerial training. The over 100,000 students of more than 114 different nationalities are guided towards the acquisition of excellent preparation thanks to open, flexible and functional models suitable for any professional level, with the main purpose of training leaders capable of directing companies in Worldwide.

Two are the main points of sharing of the Rome Business School and EFMD: Internationality and the Focus on Training of Excellence, aimed at creating future leaders with a 360-degree vision projected on international and global dynamics.

EFMD is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with offices in Geneva, Hong Kong, Miami and Prague. He works with a network of 30,000 Management and Leadership professionals from universities, companies, public services and consultancy, it plays a central role in shaping the global approach to management education and providing a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and good practices. EFMD is a network for schools and companies that aim to develop socially responsible leaders and managers looking for opportunities for mutual connection. In addition to their emphasis on educational standards for managerial education, the organization firmly believes in bringing together companies and academic institutions, working to facilitate and strengthen the exchange of information and training between the two.

Accreditation by EFMD is one of the best and most complete ways to certify the effective quality of a business school or corporate university. The same accreditation processes lead to improvement through the need for organizations to meet the internationally agreed quality standards. The quality of each individual school is assessed by Peer Review, a form of international benchmarking. The recognition comes through an accreditation of EFMD, recognized worldwide by potential students, employers, customers and the media: EQUIS accreditation, which confirms that the school’s academic programs and research are top notch with commercial relevance in the real world and global attention.

Encouraged by these directives, Rome Business School will continue to work to ensuring excellent training, given both by the energy of its staff and by the preparation of its teachers, both united by the passion for internationality and the continuous creation of ties and opportunities for global networking and communication.

“At Rome Business School we are aware of the fact that higher education in the contemporary panorama is too static and oriented towards theory, it rarely provides truly effective training: this is what we want to change! To do this, we encourage teachers, staff, students and alumni to be agents of change themselves. We are committed to creating the managers of the future, prepared to bring the world into the era of modernity and progress. Our main focus is to bring students, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their skills and ethical approach to business and work; our aim was to train students so they can make a difference, achieve their goals and make their dreams come true by enriching the business world with innovation and new ideas. Just like a family, Rome Business School offers to the students a practical learning method and network opportunities through placements, social and cultural activities, career coaching sessions, practical experiences and a multicultural environment. The future is our main interest, and we work hard to always provide better career and success opportunities. ”

The Dean, Antonio Ragusa.

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