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Broaden your horizons, open your mind to new thinking methods. Assuming different point of views usually leads to the creation of new opportunities. At Rome Business School we usually offer the opportunity to get to know different realities and learning methods, from new campuses and cities, mixing them with the cultures of the places they belong to. 

During the academic year, we organize numerous international exchanges activities between students, lectures and staff, contributing to the development of transversal skills, optimally assessed by multinational companies and employers, increasing the job offers and opportunities of all the students involved in international activities.

Be International with US.

International exchange experiences are not only a source of wealth for students, but also for the teachers who are actually part of this path.

Michela Bonafoni – Program Director of the Master in Fashion and Design Management tells us about her international experience with the young students of the MBA in Luxury and Brand Management of the Parisian Institute of Business ESSEC.

“The 14th of September 2020, was the first day of the wonderful Study Tour organised in collaboration with the ESSEC Business School in Paris. As soon as I opened my eyes that morning, I realized that I was just as excited as the girls and boys who were preparing for their return to school, after months of physical distancing. Yes, because thanks to Rome Business School’s, international meetings we get the opportunity to move beyond our borders while keeping on staying in your city, in your country and close to your family.

An even greater joy came as soon as the girls – all women! – have crossed the threshold of the wonderful location chosen for the lessons: Villa Palestro, near Termini Station, a historical place with ancient frescoes that wink at an art that fortunately never disappeared, combining present and past in an excellent way. 14 girls, therefore, each coming from different parts of the world but all enrolled in the ESSEC Business School Master in Luxury Management. My chosen lesson at the start of their Roman experience was in “Fashion Industry and Its Cultural Revolution” starting from the explanation of the importance of 3 key – words to be used before any study, research, collection or strategies in the world of Fashion. Then, the French 18th century and the figure of Rose Bertin, Marie Antoinette’s costume designer and the first great “stylist” in the history of fashion who opened the dance to the roles, also in Paris, of C. Worth and P. Poiret as first stylists.

The speech went on with a detailed analysis divided for each historical decade, examining the local and international events of the same period and going to grasp and understand how fashion has always been a promoter of innovation and bearer of social and current messages. Necessary even today to the sense of fashion itself. The amazement of the students in front of the advancing slides, interrupted only by my talk and by the video advertising of some of the most famous brands, demonstrating that what was asserted is incredible, confirming how much and how Italy brings culture to the basis of also international education. The argument that most attracted the students was the one on the sub cultures of the 50s, 60s and 70s and the roles of the “rebel” clothing par excellence: Jeans, White T-Shirts, Dr. Marten’s. 

The direct interaction between me and the students demonstrates a deep complicity between the Rome Business School environment and the young talent of fashion. We spent some time admiring the beauty of the most ancient city in the world, going through its culture and story to end up walking through the streets of its center and having a tea at sunset on the beautiful Terrazza de La Rinascente and there, between smiles and comments, their faces gave us the awareness that the better world that we are committed to grow, must be built. Together.”

Professor, Michela Bonafoni.

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