Rome Business School interactively participate to the QS Fair 2021

Planning your future is essential, especially during a global crisis like the one we are experiencing this period. Is actually in this emergency context that we have to keep moving on and have a constant look at the future. 

This is why us as International oriented Business School are participating to the QS International Masters, MBA and PhD Exhibition, allowing all our students to meet us from anywhere in any situation!

During the QS World Grad School Virtual Event, many prestigious international universities, business schools and law schools present their Master’s Degree, Master’s and Doctoral programs in the specializations most sought after by international recruiters.

About the QS Virtual Fairs

Through the Virtual fair you will be able to explore an environment made of leading universities from around the world, attend expert-led panels and consult QS knowledgeable team for advice about your study goals.The fair is comprehensive of Bonus Events that involves personal meetings with representatives from top universities. QS will arrange your schedule of 25-minute Zoom meetings with reps and up to 5 of your peers. It’s basically everything you need to prepare for your future study plans – all through incredible online events.

Career & Educational Experts

QS has also brought in the experts to help you out. Each event will have something unique to offer, from resume reviewers to financial advisors to test provider reps (including the IELTS, GRE & GMAT). They’re allthere to give you advice and help you on your journey, so make sure to get chatting.

Rome Business School promote education and future development of an always more innovative and internationally oriented higher education! This is the time to push your motivation and drive your passion to turn them into possibilities!

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