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Rome Business School works to give a practical aspect to its courses, many of the students attending the course are already placed into the working environment and choose to enroll in a master’s degree to grow professionally and reach positions of greater responsibility.

One of the main goals of Rome Business School is to guide them towards the achieving of their career ambitions, not only by teaching them but also by offering consulting services and business knowledge, leveraging the institution’s connections with some of the largest multinationals in the world. Whether it’s a career change, role change or simply the first step into the world of work, everything is achievable!

But who are the today’s talents? Although there is no unique reference profile, it is widely acceptable to consider as talents those people able to bring added value and leadership over others thanks to some distinctive characteristics, which usually are: motivation, desire for self-realization and success at work , sense of the team, ability to incorporate new ideas; determination and tenacity, ability to operate in situations of uncertainty, stress management, an innovative and “glocal” mentality like the ability to accept and value diversity, excellent knowledge of English, acceptance of mobility without ifs and buts. This is what not only companies and business realities are looking for nowadays but also what the world needs to change and evolve!

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