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RBS Students in Barcellona for the Entrepreneurship and Design Spirit Bootcamp

Experience a one-week program where you will have the possibility to develop a completely new business idea through the Google Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint. ​Visit sector-leader companies, that have entrepreneurial and innovation methodologies as the value proposition. ​Live a first-hand experience on how innovation and entrepreneurship are leading the change of the global market.

In this innovation program, participating teams will create new business ideas through rapid prototyping techniques, based on Google Ventures’ Design Sprint methodology.​ During the five-days program, participants will connect with a coach conducting a dynamic workshop on and will be guided by a mentor and by experts. ​At the end of the program, the participating teams will present their business ideas and related prototypes in a Demo day before a selected jury of Experts.

Why EAE?

  • 60+ years of experience​
  • Academic Partners in 26 countries and 4 continents​
  • 86 partnerships with universities and business schools all around the world​
  • 15.000+ m2 of facilities in Madrid and Barcelona Campuses​
  • 5,300+ partnership with national and international companies​

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is the third leading favourite European city for creating a start-up, due to the facilities it offers for accessing talent. ​

Attending this exclusive Bootcamp in Barcelona means not only investing in cultural enrichment and experiencing life, but also getting in touch with a world of opportunities in the homeland of many leading companies and the favourite destinations of entrepreneurs.

Company and cultural visits


We are one of the leading innovation consultancy firms, specializing in the design of innovation and digital strategies, cultural/corporate transformation and new ways of, design of digital products and services, digital reskilling of the workforce, prototyping, and the design and implementation of open innovation strategies.


In 2021, Desigual opened their first in-house Incubation program where participants can propose different projects that help the company. It is open for employees and outsiders that have interest in the fashion business. Desigual in a top leading brand in the fashion industry around the world.


Kitchen Event: You’ll discover the insights and will practice the theory of one of the most avant-garde entrepreneurship theories: Effectuation. During one afternoon, participants will experience a cooking event where the Effectuation principle will be put into action.