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The 2021 has been a year full of challenges and the entire world population is trying to face in the best possible way. This year gave to the world plenty of obstacles to overcome but with many occasion to seize. Humankind’s history is full of challenges that has always brought human beings to big changes in order to survive in the new environments created. If we travel back in the days, man had to face thousands of challenges that brought him, us, to be who we are now. Indeed, the majority of us has experienced and is still experiencing new things: the importance of telecommunications, the importance of social relations and, most of all, the power that these two things combined together can reach. 

In the entire world, it is estimated that more than 290 million of students has been put in troubles. As a matter of facts the challenge is not a challenge itself if it doesn’t hide an occasion. And the occasion, this time, is e-learning. With investments of 1.5 billion (just in Italy, for instance) new platform, new instruments and new way of learning have been created or improved. 

Is it just a temporary solution to fix the problem or the e-learning sector is going to change the world eventually?

Rome Business School has always thought that e-learning ought to be a concrete resource for every person worldwide. Indeed, since its dawn, Rome Business School has always supported the interactive learning in order to give everyone the possibility to learn, to improve and to grow. 

E-learning is getting more and more popular every day. Why?

Accessibility, flexibility and technology are three of the keywords that describe the online learning experience. A device and a good internet connection is everything you need. Classes are always recorded so you can watch them, any time you’d like and organise your day according to your productivity. Teachers can use technology for leading learners to a better understanding. Rome Business School has always considered the e-learning has a fundamental value of the institution it represents. “Better Managers For a Better World” starts from here exactly. 

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