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Rome Business School's International Master in Media and Entertainment engages students with Warner Bros Discovery, Netflix and Mediaset

  • Practice-oriented academic training and close connections to CEOs and Managers: Students see a +34% increase in their salaries after completing the Masters.
  • The Master includes business case studies, company meetings, leadership and communication workshops, and multiple hands-on activities such as Business Practice Labs with companies such as Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • International opportunities: international class and faculty, a network of 1047 partner companies and multinationals operating all over the world, and the possibility to participate in Bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Paris, Barcelona, Doha, Lagos, Rome and Tuscany.
  • Not only hard skills and practical applications, but the essential soft skills to be managers capable of innovating and positioning themselves as leaders in the entertainment industry are explored.
  • A personalized career path: the Rome Business School Career Center supports participants in a career acceleration path adapted to their professional profile.


Tuesday, July 25, 2023 . Practice Labs with Warner Bros. Discovery, Bootcamps in Paris and Silicon Valley, activities together with The Walt Disney Company and Sony, and networking with the best-known producers and directors of Italian cinema, television, radio and entertainment, the Rome Business School International Master in Media and Entertainment offers 360º training on the audiovisual and entertainment industry.


The Master aims to train professionals who are not only ready to respond to the needs of the industry , but who are able to stay one step ahead of the competition, anticipate and be agents of innovation in the industry itself, inserted in a personalized and international path that allows you to better develop your career goals and professional connections. It offers not only highly specialized training, but also access to industry experts and professionals, networking and hands-on learning opportunities, and exposure to the Italian film industry.


Thanks to the close collaboration between the Rome Business School and the world of management and entertainment, students learn directly from mentors who live this business. They are film and television producers, directors, artistic directors and managers in the entertainment sector, professionals who work in companies such as Netflix, Rai Cinema, MTV, Mediaset, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rai and the Venice Festival.


A tailor-made program to develop your skills


During the Master several courses are offered dedicated to topics such as innovation in the media and new languages for communication, management and team management in terms of human resources, budgeting for large transmedia projects, marketing and the laws of entertainment. You learn about the cross media industry: how to manage the transition from a novel to a film, from comics to a TV series and gaming. And also of working with creatives: ideation, collaboration, analysis and transformation of ideas into action. Furthermore, the Master touches on the global dimensions of the entertainment and media industries: television and film production, music management, distribution, communication and promotion, copyrights, entertainment financing and legislation, business models for different projects and also the development of innovative projects involving gaming, the metaverse and cross-media.


All this happens in the heart of Italian cinema: Rome . The capital is one of the key cities for the Italian film industry: home to over 1,300 companies active in the film industry that generate an annual added value of approximately 750 million euros , and the most important production studios such as Cinecittà. Master’s students therefore have the opportunity to also participate in important international festivals such as the Rome Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, benefiting from the connections and networking opportunities offered by this privileged position.

Learning-by-doing : Hands-on activities alongside industry leaders


In this Masters, learning goes far beyond textbooks. There are multiple opportunities to get involved and acquire the practical skills crucial to excelling in today’s media industry . Students can choose to do a Bootcamp in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Lagos, Silicon Valley, Doha, Lagos, Rome and Tuscany; and also take part in the Business Practice Labs together with Warner Bros. Discovery to learn how to market, sell and distribute an audiovisual product. Furthermore, they can enrich their educational path through elective courses such as design thinking, project management, big data, blockchain, app development, circular economy and international business.


The Master also includes practical budget planning activities for the creation, organization and delivery of a film festival; the creation of product placement strategies in television programmes; managing EU funding opportunities and developing media product concepts from A to Z, supported by a funding, advertising, distribution and pitching strategy. All this knowledge is then put into practice through the Capstone Project, a chance to work directly on developing a Media and Entertainment plan that solves a business problem within the media industry, or to work on a real business challenge set by the Program Director to create a media strategy.


Students will be able to meet industry expert professors on a daily basis, with the entire program entirely supervised and built by Program Director Raffaele Passerini, author of multiple RAI products for cinema, television, radio and podcasts, with a prominent academic background, a degree at the New York Film Academy, the beating heart of international film production ,” says Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School.


Understand today’s media industry


Rome Business School’s International Master in Media and Entertainment provides students with an in-depth understanding of the dynamic and ever-changing world of film and entertainment. The program is designed to help them develop critical thinking skills, creativity and technical skills needed to excel in the media and entertainment industry. The Rome Business School Career Center is geared towards giving students a career boost: in 2022, 45.1% of students found a job before the end of the Master’s and 72.1% obtained a salary increase, thanks to 3754 published offers, 1047 partner companies and a personalized career service.