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New cooperation agreement between Rome Business School and Denaro Ricerche e Formazione

The Rome Business School, represented by Dr. Antonio Ragusa, and Il Denaro Ricerche e Formazione, represented by Dr. Ugo Righi, have just signed a cooperation agreement aimed at creating and realizing joint initiatives.

This cooperation, among other opportunities, envisages the creation of joint didactic programmes and the possibility for the Rome Business School alumni to attend job experience and on the job training in the educational communication and research area

Il Denaro 

The Il Denaro editorial group was founded inNaples in 1991. It operates in a complex reality – newspapers, newsletters, magazines, books, training structures, event organization, study centres, databases, web activities, cultural associations – its field of operation: creating value through the development of economic and media communication in international markets and the exchange of business information aimed at benefiting the enterprises and institutions of Southern Europe.

Within the group, a fundamental role is played by the Il Denaro Ricerche e Formazione association, a project of four founding partners (Clelia Mazzoni, Flavio Petricciuolo, Ugo Righi and Alfonso Ruffo), aimed at encouraging the dissemination of economic and enterprise culture, which is an essential prerequisite for our country’s evolution.

The association is among the founders of the “CSR permanent LAB”, a permanent research laboratory that promotes an applied research scientific project for the valorisation and dissemination of social responsibility and corporate ethics aimed at the identification of best practices and the development of new methods and tools.

The association has adhered to the “Sustainable development through the Global Compact” project, supported in Italy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from an initiative of the former U.N. general secretary Kofi Annan. It is also one of the founders of the Global Compact Italia local networks and its referent for Southern Italy.

Is is listed in the National Research registry office of the Ministry of University and Scientific research with the code 50648WWC and has been included in the relevant Cultural Institutions table by deliberation nr. 6854 dated November the 3rd 1999.

From 2002, the association for training activities (EA 37) has had its quality system certified in accordance with the UNI:EN ISO 9001 regulation and is now in the process of being accredited in the Campania Region as an institution for professional training.

Among its main activities’ areas are communication and training research.