MBA graduates in Myanmar

The International Department congratulates the first batch of students who finalized their MBA in partnership with RBS at WEBS College of Business – Yangon, Myanmar

You probably know that Rome Business School designed an MBA Programme to prepare future-focused professionals for success in a wide variety of career paths. The curriculum helped learners gain tangible, career-ready skills in cross-disciplinary capabilities, including leading, strategizing, analyzing, and learning the necessary soft skills thrive. WEBS College of Business partnered with Rome Business School offering an MBA Programme. WEBS has attracted and helped thousands of entrepreneurial minds all over Myanmar. The college is famous for its unique approach to teaching business management skills and its real-world outlook. It has established itself as one of Myanmar’s fastest-growing business institutes.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted higher education worldwide, but we didn’t stop! Decision-makers in higher education institutions in service to our students needed –and succeed- to adapt very rapidly to both the crisis and a completely new environment. The challenges the students are facing are enormous and profound but we know that with every challenge, however, comes opportunity, and we can say that our students have demonstrated great resilience and resourcefulness during these unprecedented times.  

Congratulations to the first batch of graduates from WEBS College of Business enrolled in the MBA Program in partnership with Rome Business School. You have demonstrated that your academic talents are well suited for this rigorous program, and your resolve to make yourself a competitive business manager stood out during the Academic Year 2020. The RBS – WEBS College of Business MBA program not only develops the academic tools that are expected of MBA graduates, but also the highly valued professional skills that most companies demand. Rome Business School MBA programme is truly an investment to your future success whether your goal is to break through the glass ceiling or to build a successful business!

“So I’m sure that you will be a better manager for a better world and from our side, we’ve been really really proud and honored to serve you. ” declares – Antonio RagusaDean & Founder – Rome Business School, during his Graduation remarks. Watch the video below.  

We warmly welcome you to the MBA alumni community, and we look forward to continuing to help you pursue your best future!

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