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Master course in Political Marketing: a day at Chamber of Deputies

On Thursday, November 23, 2017, our Master course in Political Marketing students had the opportunity to take a study visit to Montecitorio, the historic building that hosts the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic.

As was written by Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, in her welcome letter to the students, “Palazzo Montecitorio is one of the finest and most important monuments in Rome, but it is not just a museum, it is a place where, every day, we address and discuss decisions concerning the future of our civil community”.

The students, accompanied by the President of the Rome Business School Antonio Ragusa and Sidita Kasemi, Head of the Didactic Office, and Professor Alessio Postiglione were guided on a path that enabled them to admire the Transatlantic, the Auditorium, the Fontana gallery, and the Halls of Representation.

In the busts gallery, where marble and bronze busts of illustrious deputies and presidents of the Chamber are displayed, the students met Dr. Romanello and Dr. Camilli, of the Public Relations Office.

Then they met Dr. Marco Cerase, Parliamentary Councilor, Secretary of the VII Scientific Culture Commission and instructions of the Chamber of Deputies. Dr. Cerase gave a brilliant presentation on the characteristics of the Italian institutional system, and then spread over numerous issues stimulated by the questions of the Rome Business School students, who were passionate about the exhibition.

The visit turned out to be a valuable full immersion in the core site of Italian democracy, an opportunity to learn about our political system and to understand its mechanisms in depth.