Managers from Amazon, KPMG, Oracle and Hays join RBS’s Corporate Advisory Board in 2022

CEOs and top managers from Amazon, KPMG, Oracle, Hays among others, are now part of the RBS’CAB, today counting with 78 members

Rome Business School is pleased to announce that 13 new members have joined the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) of RBS. Among them CEOs, top managers, Directors and esteemed professionals from leading companies operating worldwide.

The Corporate Advisory Board is a committee composed by Leaders, Managers and Professionals from key areas of National and International Businesses, and its purpose is to Advise the school in the definition of the best strategy in order to ensure a continuous improvement in quality and in the innovation of managerial training, answering to the needs of the current job market.

Through the Corporate Advisory Board, Rome Business School activates a process of continuous updating of its activities and training programs, relying on the numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the members of the committee.

For this reason, the Corporate Advisory Board is the area that most embodies the spirit of collaboration between academia and managerial reality, by placing itself as one of the key players for the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the Rome Business School’s Managerial Training offer. We are very glad that in 2022 over 10 new members joined the RBS CAB. Now, the fruitful collaboration with top leading companies continues in what we believe will be another productive exchange. As a testament to the school’s growth and improvement, in 2022 the CAB has expanded welcoming the following 13 new members:

  • Rita Polarolo, Head of Amazon Made in Italy & Small Medium Business Leader
  • Sabina Eminente Director, Loyalty Solutions Western Europe at Mastercard
  • Silvio Falcone, Director KPMG Corporate Finance
  • Pietro Leo, Executive Architect, Chief Technology Officer for Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at IBM
  • Giuseppe D’Amelio, Director of Marketing and DS Strategy at Canon
  • Alessio Campi, HR Manager at HAYS
  • Alessandro Ippolito, Country Manager and Vice President Technology at Oracle
  • Roberto Andreoli, Senior Director Solution Engineering SEMMEA at Tableau
  • Albert Antonini Mangia, Business Development Marketing at Alibaba Southern Europe
  • Valeria Rubio, Head of Operational Risk Management at Nexi
  • Katia Mariotti, Chief NPL Officer at Banca Ifis
  • Andrea Pietrini, Chariman of Yourgroup & Managing Partner at Your CFO
  • Marco Barra Caracciolo, Chairman and CEO at Bludigit SpA (Italgas)

Giuseppe D’Amelio, new RBS CAB Member, Director Marketing and DS Strategy at Canon states:

I am honored to be part of this community of professionals and business leaders, where they can discuss the challenges and trends of the current job market and influence the training offer in an innovative and pragmatic way. At the same time, I look forward to meeting the young talents of the Rome Business School to share with them the experience I gained over the years in multiple environments and sectors, but above all to have the opportunity to contaminate among each other with those who will be the leaders of the future, in a climate of continuous and mutual growth.”

In 2021 this partnership was impactful to the students’ careers and learning journeys, as students were able to benefit from company visits, guest lectures and virtual coffees, among other activities, provided by members of the CAB.

The exchange that took place in 2021, highlighted the need to increase awareness on sustainability issues and the social impact that companies have in today’s society. Thanks to the inputs from the CAB members, 27 courses were created and included in all RBS programs on sustainability, business ethics, innovation and new technologies such as Sustainable Finance and CSR, Ethical concerns of AI and New Tech, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact, The Role of CSR in Luxury and Fashion, Sustainable and Purpose Driven Marketing. The CAB contributions also gave us an opportunity to add specific vertical topics such as HR Gamification, Practical Training on Project Management Softwares or Investment Banking, just to name a few. Implementing Practice Labs was also a result of the dialogue with CAB members, along with adding to the Leadership Program the subjects of Agile Leadership and Forecasting.

This year RBS wanted to go further. The idea was to organize specific workshops divided per area in order to exchange in depth analysis and exchange ideas on key topics and trends.

Rome Business School has in fact planned the organization of 6 CAB workshops throughout 2022 in which the CAB members will be invited to meet with faculty and other professionals pertaining to the same sector, with the aim to continue improving our ongoing process of enriching our Masters and MBA while making the connection with companies tangible and fruitful.

The 1st CAB Workshop on Agribusiness took place on January 24th and welcomed the members of the Corporate Advisory Board for a debate on future trends and the sharing of experiences and reflections.  Over the upcoming months – from February until April – the 78 members will be involved in other 5 Workshops, specifically in the areas of General Management, Marketing, Sales and Communication, HR, Operations&IT, and Finance.

Thanks to this cycle of events, following the EFMD Quality Assurance Process and thanks to the CAB’s involvement, we will work to design Programs that best match the needs of the job market and offer cutting edge education and training to our students.

“At the beginning the RBS CAB was a project on paper but with a clear purpose and objective. Today, we are proud of the over 78 top managers of the Board from 15 different sectors, but above all also of the relationships that RBS builds every day and of the impacts that managers have on the student’s training path. We will continue to strengthen relationships with the board and always collaborate with excellent professionals who, through teaching, testimonies, placements, business practice labs, company visits, Capstone projects, and various other collaborative activities, create a real connection between the corporate world and our Business School. This is the key to creating tomorrow’s managers today!”, says Ema Di Petrillo, Academic Supervisor at Rome Business School.

Following the CAB workshops, all 78 members are invited to participate in the CAB day, along with the Program Directors.

The collaboration with the Corporate Advisory Board extends to all areas of the training offer, from training to students’ placement, and is a testament to Rome Business School’s long-standing relationship with the corporate world, which allows the school to position itself as a reference point for its innovative and continuously updated program offer, in line with the most current job market demands and capable of providing the training tools necessary to truly become the leaders of tomorrow.

“I am very glad about the further growth of our Corporate Advisory Board – states Antonio Ragusa, Dean of the Rome Business School. – It actually demonstrates the increasing links and networks that our business school is creating with the corporate environment and top level managers. This will translate in a constantly improved quality and relevance of the Rome Business School training programs because, thanks to the stimuli of our Corporate Advisory Board, we are able to shape a state-of-the-art value proposition, that fully meets the needs of an ever changing labour market”.


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