Let’s Welcome our Professional Master’s students

We are pleased to welcome our students of the Professional Masters 2021. The students of the Master in Marketing and Sales, Human Resources Management and E-health will be introduced to the Rome Business School community through 4 introductory sessions:

Getting Inspired, a welcome inspiring session given by the Dean with a scope to inspire the students by sharing his career story and what steps he/she took to go up on the career ladder.

Getting Informed, walkthrough Rome Business School’s values, offers and platform guidance. Introductory session during which students will get to know Rome Business School’s accreditation, memberships, methodology, faculty, added value services, Corporate Advisory Board and much more. In addition to a deeper understanding of the VLE & Cisco virtual platform, to learn all its functions, and have a practical experience of it.

Master Kick- Off, introductory session during which the Program Director presents the master’s objectives, content, value, professional outlets and industry trends. You will be introduced to your learning journey, meet your teachers and understand the main point of your educational path.

Meet your Program Coordinator, during your master you will be guided and supported by a program coordinator that will assist you in the different phases of the program. Meet your coordinator and get involved into both technical and logistical aspect of your studies at Rome Business School.

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