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Leaders of Tomorrow

November 2020 welcome week activities

Lecturer: Ema Di Petrillo

Being a good leader today means acting ethical and a respectful of the centrality of the person in a society that is constantly in a rush. The management figures changed during the years, nowadays leaders are not anymore that far from their team members. 

They are required to have emotional intelligence skills to add to their technical and organizational capabilities, they have to be able to listen and to carefully observe what is happening around them, within the company and inside their team.

This is the beginning of your journey to become a great and effective leader, which are the essentials that you need to assume to start developing your inner management skills?

  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Learn to cross culturally communicate
  • Expand your cultural knowledge 
  • Get to know each other and create your personal network 

If you observe the greatest leader, they all have pretty recognizable human characteristics, some more developed than others but they are extremely aware of what happen around them. It all starts form a visionary approach to the reality, looking for what is missing, and for what is not working, finding the need of the society and then implementing the business with a human oriented problem-solving approach.

Great Leader are surely passionate about what they do, they have a strong enthusiasm and are courageous to take actions. A project always start form something that you really care about: an idea, a topic, something that you feel like changing and it is implemented via a strong strategy! Therefore, emotions and organization go together to give the right rhythm to the company’s activities.

Leaders don’t walk alone; they are supported by a team of talented people working together to reach the same objectives! Which are the requirements to build up a good team?! Let’s see them together:

Honesty: Be honest toward your team members means being reliable. If you act with honesty you will start building a trustful environment and the people you work with will feel confident to talk to you.

Humility and clear focus: Humility gets you closer to people and in the working environment is essential to make who surround you to not feel lonely and to always be supportive in case of necessity.

Good Communication: Communication is the base of any good relation. In a business is the key of development and what is daily needed to grow in terms of team and company.

Social Skills: Learn to effectively move around socially active situations. You are constantly involved into activities that requires to get in contact with people, learning how to interact properly is the key for creating a good network.

Listening skills: Listen is fundamental to understand the world. Without a careful listening there is no truth and with no truth there can’t be an effective development strategy

Teamwork: Great companies are the result of a great teamwork, working together with passion help to overcome also the most difficult situations.

Determination: A great leader will never give up; he will take up the road and get to his or her goals.

Confidence: Being confident not only of own capabilities but also believe in yourself is what brought many leaders to produce innovations that actually changed the world. 

Problem solving: If there is a problem, a good leader will see a solution and will turn it into an opportunity.

Set goals for the team: Setting small goals from the implementation of the strategy to the accomplishment of the objectives motivate the team step by step making them feel less under pressure and more energized from every little success!

Embrace diversity: Diversity is the key of a constant development, from diverse culture, usage and point of views come out the best business solutions. Keep on learning from each other and don’t be afraid of being original.

The Leaders of Tomorrow session is just a little window on what you will be learning and exploring during your future educational path. So, get a first input and start living your personal international experience.

Welcome to Rome Business School!