“Italia – Africa Business Forum” – Press release


The Italia-Africa Business Forum will take place in Rome on the 24th and 25th of June. This is the Rome Business School’s programme aimed at establishing and developing business relations between Italy and Africa.

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Social partner: Amref Health Africa.

The Italia-Africa Business Forum is the Rome Business School’s exclusive programme aimed at establishing and developing business synergies and relations between Italy and Africa. Globalization represents a historical process that can open up great opportunities for personal and professional growth for both management students and entrepreneurs. Italy and Africa are naturally linked and reciprocally represent a priority audience and market for companies interested in developing their business on an international scale. Despite this, successfully entering new markets requires a good understanding and knowledge of the local economic trends, business environment, culture, behaviours and communication styles. Furthermore, before starting any business venture abroad, it can be extremely useful to create a network with local entrepreneurs, professionals, and service providers. Given this background, the Italia-Africa Business Conference has been designed to connect its participants with those companies and institutions that can be helpful for their entrepreneurial and managerial development and to transfer essential knowledge about the Italian/African markets. Among the topics that will be discussed: characteristics and trends in the Italian market, opportunities and models for investment in Africa, success stories of companies and organizations. Many entrepreneurs, managers, investors and consultants, from both Italy and several African countries interested in developing their activities on an international scale, will take part in this event. The attendance of institutional representatives, both Italian and African, is also scheduled. The Social partner of this initiative is Amref Health Africa, the largest non-profit African health organization, which will be attending in keeping with the values of an ethical and socially responsible approach to enterprise championed by the Rome Business School.

The programme will take place on the 24th and 25th of June in Rome at the Roma Eventi Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre in Piazza della Pilotta 4. Schedule: 24 June 9,30-17,00; 25 June 9,30 – 13,00. Contacts: Rome Business School – via Salaria, 44 – 00199 Rome Tel.: +39 06 64783633 Mob.: +39 334 7785222 Fax: +39 06 96708812 Website: www.RomeBusinessSchool.it Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RomeBusinessSchool

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