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The Rome Business School’s Italia – Africa Business Forum 2016

The Rome Business School’s Italia – Africa Business Forum successfully took place in Rome, Italy –with the participation of representatives from Embassies, Enterprises, and Institutions, who got together to discuss new development opportunities.

On Friday, December 2, 2016, the Rome Business School’s Italia – Africa Business Forum took place in Rome, Italy. Representatives from Embassies, Enterprises, and Institutions from both Italy and African Countries came together in this event, which was a great chance to deepen their knowledge of valuable business opportunities in the countries represented and to initiate commercial relationships.

The Italia – Africa Business Forum was kicked off by a welcome speech given by the Rome Business School’s Founding President, Antonio Ragusa. The forum then saw a variety of speakers, representing both Italy and Africa, who shared their entrepreneurial experiences and success stories, offering the opportunity for new ventures and relevant stimuli.

Today, Africa is the continent that has one of the world’s highest growth rates and where many business opportunities are available. The wealth of this continent is due to its abundant natural resources, to its workforce, and to its strong determination to grow. For Italy, the ninth economy in the world in terms of on exports, Africa represents a market rich in opportunities and possibilities.

Given this background, the Rome Business School’s Italia – Africa Business Forum created a positive environment for dialogue and exchange, which will be repeated with the aim of contributing to the sustainable and socially responsible economic development of these territories.

Last but not least, the Rome Business School would like to sincerely thank all those who made this event such a success! We hope to see you again soon in our future events and activities.

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