International Business Leader Program

It starts today one of our projects dedicated to International Managerial Development.

The International Bootcamps or International Business Leader Program is a fundamental part of the majority of the Masters and MBA programs designed by Rome Business School. We offer every year, during each educational path, opportunities for international exchanges with Universities and Business Schoolsrespectively in Barcelona, ​​New YorkUnited Arab Emirates and Rome.

Today the 9th of November 2020 we Kicked Off the winter edition of the International Business Leader Program in Rome, that respectful of the global security models, will take place interactively. In line with worldwide trends and using advanced digital connection tools, we will spend a week with International Business experts, listening to multinational companies and NGOs describing their activities and give the chance to our students to concretely work on the implementation of an International Business Development plan, following the models of the Italian market abroad.

Our young talents will be supported by some of the best teachers and professionals of Rome Business Schools. Students will be divided into teams and required to put in practice their best managerial and team-working skills to transform all the challenges related to the implementation of an international company expansion project into opportunities

Antonio Scialletti, director of the International MBA and consultant with decades of experience in negotiation with European multinationals in China and Asia, Francesco Landolfi, expert in Innovations and New Technologies who collaborates with major firms such as MicrosoftBaxterIBM and Marshall Langer, an American professional with over 12 years of career in Marketing started in the dynamic world of Wall Street investments, continuing with brands such as Donaldson and BNP Paribas. There are the faculty team who will guide our students during the development of their international project.

With the special participation of our partner FAO and Francesco Ridolfi, general assistant to management of the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations, we will analyze the implementation of sustainability and ethics in modern business methodologies. There is no valid company in 2020 that is not involved in the transversal development of a clean economy, respectful of the centrality of the individual.

What will students’ approach during the International Business Leader Program?

Global Leadership: The most modern models, skills and fundamental notions for the development of in-depth knowledge, policies, the economy, the market and cultural differences in the dynamics of International Business. What are the distinctive characteristics of a great global manager, such as the skills required, who to be inspire from and what are the difficulties that can be encountered during an international development process, take the right perspective to transform challenges into opportunities.

Intercultural Orientation: Learning strategies and professional tools that affect expatriation and immigration. Fundamental to be learned during the higher professional education, especially for young talents who are now entering the international business landscape.

International Business Management: Going deeper into the fundamental principles of the management of a Business at an international level, learning the necessary tools to better understand the business rules that surround us of, to give a significant contribution within international organizations and companies, applying principles of social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

Cross Cultural Communication: Learn the fundamentals and best techniques of communication between people of different cultures and backgrounds. Communication is at the base of any relationship from the most personal to the business and market ones. Therefore, it is essential to learn its most effective techniques.

Managing People in a Global era: We live in a world in constant evolution, in which disruptive innovations quickly become “conveniences”, where technologies chase each other and replace each other even before we human beings are able to become familiar with them. Hence, all organizational actors, starting from top managers, find themselves to examine the impact that this will have on their business, in their work area and on how to best deal with it.

This is a short introduction to the activities that will take place during the International Business Leader Program. We can’t wait to get to know the students’ projects!

Good Luck! Rome Business School!

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