Insight Interview with Professor Costas Piliounis

Costas Piliounis is the Managing Director of PNValue and a faculty member of Rome Business School. He has over 30 years of experience running large pharmaceutical corporations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

His specific areas of interest are Health Care and Pharma, Strategy, Sales and Marketing and International Business. Costas has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Patras and an MSc in Food and Management Sciences from the University of London.

1. Question: When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

Answer: Since the early days of my career, I have been enjoying devoting time in the development of my employees. Soon, I realized that the only sustainable satisfaction one can get from business is to see the people he/she helped developing and becoming better professionals, successful in their business and private lives. By working with business schools, I can at greatly amplify this effect.

2. Question: What strategies do you use to be successful in teaching?

Answer: Being genuinely myself and making a sincere effort to support the students in realizing their dreams.

3. Question: What advice can you give to students taking your class?

Answer: To be ambitious in their careers; to enjoy and exploit their time at the Rome Business School to the maximum.

4. Question: What do you like best about teaching at Rome Business School?

Answer: The international environment and the school’s mission—“Better Managers for a Better World”—it resonates well with my beliefs and it is of paramount importance in our times.

5. Question: What are your top expectations from students:

Answer:  That they set ambitious objectives for their careers and adhere to the highest Business Ethics standards throughout the professional lives. This is the best way to realize our mission for a Better World.

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