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How to keep up with the future of mobility with Rome Business School

The world is changing, and so are we. The very concept of mobility is evolving towards a sustainable and green approach. Rome Business School introduces the idea of e-mobility, and how to successfully apply it to our working systems.

Rome, September 30th 2019

In a world in critical need of an environmental and sustainable revolution, mobility is likely the field destined to undergo the most radical evolution. Switching from fossil fuels to electricity and other renewable energy sources has become imperative, and this new approach to mobility will impact considerably not just our way of living, but also our working models.

We are moving at an ever-faster pace towards a new conception of mobility management, which is going to re-shape significantly every company’s structure, providing new operative tools and best practices meant to replace the old and outdated ones.

Thanks to the partnership with Motus-E and many other valuable partners, Rome Business School is very happy to be keeping up with the future and giving everyone the chance to do so: our High Specialization in E-mobility Management course is designed to provide the ultimate knowledge and skillset to effectively operate in this groundbreaking field and implement one’s personal and professional reality, facilitating this advantageous and much-needed change in everyone’s mindset; engineers, technical specialists and professionals of every sector will be able to benefit of this training, aimed also at improving their career.

6 months of intensive training and thorough self-growth program starting on March 2020, the possibility of attending events and business networking with managers, CEOs and high-profile professionals, and the chance of taking part to an internship at Motus-E and other leading companies in the e-mobility sector are just some of the amazing features of this High Specialization Course.

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