Graduation Ceremony 2019

Celebrating one more year of brilliant achievements by Rome Business School’s students

Rome, June 9th 2019

Another year has passed, and more outstanding students have reached their much awaited and well deserved goal. On June 8th 2019, Rome Business School’s Graduation Ceremony took place in the beautiful location of Centro Congressi Frentani. Dozens of students were recognized their accomplishments by an illustrious commission which featured a guest of exception: Mr. Vittorio Ayra, Head of Planning and Organization People and Organization of ENEL Group, who greeted the graduating class with an inspiring and enlightening speech.

Among the many young graduates, five students were granted the honor to deliver individual and passionate speeches to the entire class and faculty, sharing their ambitions, dreams, hopes and motivations for what we all wish is going to be a bright future. These are the young promising graduates chosen to inspire their fellow classmates:

  • Edgar Leandro Borges Avelino, Angola, Master in Political Marketing
  • Antonio Martina, Italy, Master in Marketing & Communications
  • Ilektra Kaloudi, Greece, Master in Arts & Culture Management
  • Paola Ivanova, Bulgaria, Master in Marketing & Communications
  • Karina Adriana Ochis, Romania, Master in Political Marketing

Furthermore, four exceptional students were recognized their deep effort and talent in pursuing the ultimate goal of our school: being better managers for better world. These young rising stars of tomorrow’s business world were granted Rome Business School Student Awards for the following categories:

  • Award for Highest GPA in the March 2018 intake – Karina Adriana Ochis, Master in Political Marketing
  • Award for Highest GPA in the October 2019 intake – Maria Chiara Forte, Master in International Human Resources Management
  • Award for the best final project from the March 2018 intake – Joseph Pastor, Master in E Health Management
  • Award for the best final project from the October 2018 intake – Sylvia Stavridi, Master in Arts and Culture Management

An emotional speech by Rome Business School’s Dean Antonio Ragusa and the notes of the school’s anthem, Gaudeamus Igitur, closed one of the most memorable and heartfelt graduation ceremonies the school can recall.

Until next year, Rome Business School will persevere in training tomorrow’s managers, with the certainty they will shape the world into a better place for everyone.

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