Stepping Across the Stage and Into the Future

The evening of May 12th, 2018 was a monumental occasion that marked the final step of many student’s journeys at the Rome Business School and their first steps into a promising future.

The graduation ceremony, located in the elegant Centro Congressi Frentani, was a memorable celebration where family members, friends, faculty, and staff looked on in pride and admiration as students from all over the world received their diplomas and became distinguished graduates of the Rome Business School.

Antonio Ragusa, Founding President and Director of the Rome Business School delivered a moving speech that charged the graduates with the task of being “builders of prosperity, progress, and peace” in whatever career, community, or country the future holds for them.

“The world desperately needs you,” said Ragusa, “the world needs people with the culture you have and with the strength that you have demonstrated, who can make our societies and lives better”.

With this current graduating class, the graduating classes of the past, and the graduating classes to come; that hope will become a reality.

The world will continue to be significantly influenced, improved, and impacted by the exceptional graduates of the Rome Business School – where a better world is our business.

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