Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at Rome Business School to discuss Youth Policies

On May 27, former Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte came at Rome Business School as a speaker within a Conference on Youth Policies: “Carta Giovani Nazionale: la chiave d’accesso al futuro. Prospettive politiche e sociologiche sulle sfide e sulle esigenze delle nuove generazioni.”
We had the pleasure to discuss the future of and with younger generations together with: Giuseppe Conte, Former Italian Prime Minister, Domenico De Masi, Sociologist of Labour, Manuel Tuzzi Onorevole Camera dei Deputati, Gianluca Daluiso, Director of CNC Media, and Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School.

We presented the opportunities that Carta Giovani Nazionale provides and the possibilities high education offers to change or build professional careers in Italy and abroad.
The event counted with the presence of more that 115 young people among which RBS students, and many youth associations, among them Genz-z, Controvento, Roadmap, Uniroma in Movimento, Associazione Liberi di Imparare, all together at RBS to discuss the key role high education has on the future of young students in terms of employability and career development. 
The event is part of the Carta Giovani project, The National Youth Card that allows to access quality services at a more affordable price thanks to the commitment of different companies, entities and institutions, including RBS, who has been one of the first to join the Project.
Rome Business School, with this event reinforces its commitment to support younger generations in building their future. In fact, RBS, as one of the leading Business Schools in Italy in Career impact, has as its mission not only to be a life changer for any young person, but to train future managers by being inclusive and innovative, acting ethically for a better world.
We thank all who took part in this impactful and stimulating event, and we look forward keep strenghtening our commitment in building the new leaders of tomorrow: a Global Community of #BetterManagers4aBetterWorld.

Mr. Giuseppe Conte

Italian jurist and politician. Graduated in law from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Notary Foundation and of numerous scientific associations, Italian and international, in the field of private law and commercial law, Vice-President of the Presidency Council of Administrative Justice, he has been a member of various ministerial reform commissions. In 2018, he was asked by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to form a new government. On 4 September Conte became Prime Minister. Today he is the President of Movimento 5 Stelle.

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