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Galway Business School Students Join Study Abroad Program at Rome Business School

Two intense days learning about Made In Italy and Marketing Technologies with leading companies such as Microsoft and Bulgari

Rome Business School and Galway Business School collaborated in a study abroad program that will provide students with an opportunity to gain invaluable insights and experiences in the field of business.


During March 13 – 14, 2023, 25 participating students and 3 education managers from Galway Business School had the privilege to meet with top companies, including Bulgari, Softcare Studios Metaverse Wellbeing, and Microsoft. These meetings provided the students with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in luxury fashion made-in-Italy and technologies in the industry, including Digital Sales and Marketing technologies and ChatGPT. The discussions also focused on Nation Branding in the case of Italy, Ireland, and European context.​

The visit to Bulgari, a luxury brand that is synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, allowed students to experience and learn about the importance of MadeinItaly.​ They have met managers in high jewelry and heritage specialist at Domvs ​B​ulgari, the experience was highly appreciated and the trip to the museum.​ An alignment about Italian Fashion & Luxury was delivered by, the RBS Program Director Gestione della Moda e del Lusso, Prof. Michaela Bonafoni. She took everyone down to the fashion evolution and its revolution to innovation.

Softcare Studios Metaverse Wellbeing CEO Valentino Megale gave the students an enriching example of entrepreneurship. Moreover, an insight into the world of startups and the convergence of new technologies.

The discussion with MICROSOFT Digital Transformation Expert, Simone Bellanova focused on digital sales and marketing technologies and provided an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in this rapidly evolving industry.​ He also shared his personal professional journey and choices to succeed in the tech industry.​

The students also gained a comprehensive understanding of the business environment in Italy, Ireland, and the European context in view of the National Branding lectured by Prof. Valerio Mancini.


“We are thrilled to partner with Galway Business School in this study abroad program,” said Gerlie Saura, RBS International Business Development Manager, “Our goal is to provide students with a unique learning experience that will prepare them for the ever-changing business environment. The program was successful in meeting that goal, and we look forward to future collaborations.”


The study abroad program is just one example of the opportunities that Rome Business School provides to its International Partners and its students. The Rome Business School international team provides a wide range of international mobility programs and initiatives aimed at preparing students to become leaders in the business world.