Firstt international students program ‘Studying Business in Rome’

During the month of January 2013, the Rome Business School held the International Students program ‘Studying Business in Rome’, which aimed to enhance the economic and management skills and to give the opportunity for students from other countries to come in contact with a cultural reality different from their own, in an exchange in the name of growth and enrichment.

Students who have participated in this first program all belong to the ‘Al-Faraby’ University (Kazakhstan) and during their stay in the city of Rome they could discover its wonders, bringing into play their knowledge, in the spirit of discovery and the desire to apply what they have learned during the days of lessons.

The lessons of ‘Studying Business in Rome’, have dealt with the following topics:

    • Tourism Marketing


    • Entrepreneurship


    • Corporate and Finance Risk Management

All lessons have been carried out by alternating transmission of theoretical knowledge with practical exercises to encourage active and engaging learning.

On the subject of Tourism Marketing, in addition to the projects in class, a visit to one of the most fascinating art galleries of ancient Rome: Palazzo Barberini was organized.So, the students could appreciate some of the masterpieces of the Italian artistic heritage of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

This experiential approach to the work done during the days of the ‘Studying Business in Rome’ turned out to be very challenging and strong liking for students.

Among the strengths of the program, plus the ability to offer a fruitful exchange and personal and cultural enrichment, there is the opportunity to reinforce learning of subjects of great interest to the labor market.

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