FAO Guest Speaker Roberto Ridolfi

During the International Business Leader Program, our students took part in a series of activities and lessons related to the best methodologies for developing international management skills, alternating practical moments with many listening and learning sessions held by International Leadership experts from different sectors.

We had the pleasure during these days of listening to Roberto Ridolfi – Assistant to the General Direction of FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation – with over 32 years of professional experience, 23 of which with international organizations. He has lived in 9 countries and 4 continents including: Brazil, USA, Italy, Malawi, Namibia, Kosovo, Belgium, Fiji and Uganda where he held various professional roles: from professor to consultant, economist, strategic analyst, ambassador, director of delegation and vice president in numerous multinational companies and NGOs.

Roberto promotes a totally ethical and sustainable management style, focused on respecting the main values ​​of the person.

During his managerial experiences abroad, he addressed many topics: from climate change, to the economy, to the acceptance of differences between sex and cultures. Based on respect for human and individual rights, Francesco Ridolfi has implemented development strategies that are not only corporate but also socially correct where the concept of individual responsibility and awareness is inevitably linked to that of “Corporate Social Responsibility” or “Corporate Citizenship “Integrating relating all his business activities to the respect and protection of the interests of all partners and individuals with whom one relates, with the most complete safeguarding of environmental resources and their conservation for future generations.

In other words, pursuing one’s business considering the respect due to all living beings and the value of inanimate resources, as the end of one’s actions and not as a means to achieve a profit.

The primary objective of the lesson was therefore to make clear not only to the students but also to all of us the importance of introducing an ethical evaluation in the managerial methodolog, both in deciding one’s own behavior and in evaluating those of others, thus combining the moral sphere with the managerial one, individual responsibilities with those of the Company and the personal sphere with the organizational one. That is basically the reasoning of a concrete ethical action.

Through communication, however, is possible to bring all these principles “around the world”, the secret for an ethical and sustainable growth at an international level in in the dialogue, in the peaceful exchange of opinions and in the listening to different values ​​deriving from various cultures that color the world. Without impositions, openness to others is the key to get the purest understanding of the truth, fundamental to generate any form of progress.

At the base of every strategy, both business and social development, the presence of a purer understanding of truth is necessary to the purpose of creating future realities and opportunities and to create a better world!

Better Managers for a Better World

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