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Rome Business School Launches The Fair Employability Program: 9 innovative workshops on Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Responsibility

On May 25, we will kick off the first of the nine workshops of the RBS Fair Employability Program. Rome Business School takes pride in delivering this one-of-a kind innovative program focusing on cross-cultural aspects of the job markets; diversity & inclusion within the employment world and social responsibility through a series of online international Workshops & Talks, held by international partnering companies & NGOs, distributed over a six-month period.

How is the program structured?

The three core modules are the Women Leadership Module, the X-Cultural Module ​ and the Social Impact Module​

Inside the Women Leadership Module:

  • Career Development for Women
  • Gender Diversity in International Employability
  • Work-life balance strategies for a healthy Career

Some of the topics in the X-Cultural Module:

  • An insight into the Italian & European Job Market
  • Global Mobility & Digital Nomads
  • International job market trends
  • Branding your Cultural Identity 

Abou the Social Impact Module​:

  • Building a green business
  • Volunteering Program Presentation​s
  • Developing your Career in an NGO

This program can be combined with both Career Accelerator & RBS4Entrepreneurship. To maximize the outreach of international relators, workshops & webinars will be mainly held online unless specified. 

​When does it happen and who is it dedicated to?

The program is dedicated to all English Speaking Students and Alumni​ and it will be held in the first 6 months of the Academic year (April Intake: May-Nov; Oct Intake: Nov –April); with #1 talk & #1 workshop per month.

First Session: On May 25, we will kick off the first of the nine workshops of the RBS Fair Employability Program.
The first module will be dedicated to Women Leadership, exploring opportunities and critical issues in career development for women, and addressing the topic of Gender Diversity in International Employability.

Through the words of Krisztina Szaraz, Professional Development Director at Professional Women Association, we will explain how perceptions of gender diversity vary by location and culture. Krisztina will provide best case examples on how to effectively strategize against possible gender bias and other discriminatory behaviors during the interview process and work life.

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