Executive workshop – Web Reputation

How Web Reputation can affect your career 

Francesca di Minico – Search & selection Specialist – Gi Group

Your digital footprint is fundamental when looking for a job, in fact the 90% of executive recruiters say that they usually conduce online researches of potential candidates, and 70% of them say that they’ve chosen not to hire a person based on what they found about them online. However, 27% of employers give to job seekers the opportunity to discuss the online content associated with their social media profiles.

This suggest that job seekers should be aware about their online persona as much as their personal presentation during the interview. So is good for the job seeker to cultivate a positive digital presence. The Executive Workshop, conducted by Francesca di Minico, search and selection specialist for Gi Group, will guide to through a series of tips and suggestions to improve and protect your online reputation avoiding to ruin your professional profile with misguiding information.

Always check your online identity! run various searches for your name on major search engines and social media sites, if you notice that the top results are not so professional sources linked to your name then is time for you to update your professional profiles so that your professional interests will show up in one of the top5 results on google, so maintaining a comprehensive, up-to-date LinkedIn profile willhelp you significantly too.

Act smart! Use your social media profiles to show the best sides of you: strengths, and skills. Signal to employers that you might be the best candidate for the job. Everyone has unique capabilities and interests outside their work life and a global window like social media can shine a positive light on these hobbies. Post frequently about your accomplishments, it can be a reward, a winning of a sportive event. If an employer stumbles across your personal profiles, your unique interest can be a strong complement to your professional credentials.

Limit negative content! remember that is always better to be safe than sorry about what you share on social media. After reviewing your social media profiles make sure that the information contained are in line with what you would like to share with the job market.

Do not leave any room to doubts or confusion! The net is full of homonym If you have a common name, you might risk being mistaken for someone else online, so to instead of having to sorry yourself for being mistaken, look for ways to differentiate yourself. Registering a unique URL with your name for your social media accounts improves the chances that employers will find your profiles, rather than those of someone else with the same name.

When dealing with recruiters and job searching, maintain the control of your online and social media presence is imperative. Today these profiles are as extension of your resume and you should use as an tool to help you not to hurt you or limit your chances to land the next golden job opportunity.

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