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Creating Cultural Mindfulness

In today’s world, the development of a multicultural environment in the workplace should be paramount and effective. I believe that good-quality changes happen when you instil cultural diversity into both educational and working surroundings.

From my point of view, bringing about cultural awareness means creating a community in which everyone enjoys working as a part of the team. Cultural expressions, such as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement, shape your mind and outlook, they provide tools suited to develop one’s conceptions and to fulfil one’s own capabilities. I believe that the exposure to different cultures  raises the quality of a person’s growth process, both personal and professional. Cultures are distinctive and varied, that is why everyone is a participant in his or her own culture, in terms of his or her own ideas, social behaviours, and ways of living.

I suppose that people’s cultures are reflected in their appearance, in the ways they furnish their workspaces and treat their co-workers, in all levels of their relationships, and throughout their small daily rituals. The environment a person creates is a reflection of his or her state of mind.

Norms, opinions, beliefs, expectations, rituals, relationships, and language are the result of a jointly accepted culture. Culture, in itself, is never static, especially in modern society; it constantly presents people with new challenges and dilemmas.

From my standpoint, dealing with different cultures keeps people motivated and drives them to never stop pushing their boundaries. It makes people want to challenge their professional limits by getting out of their comfort zone. Spending time with their co-workers can inspire people at a personal level and make them realize there is still room to pursue new interests left inside of them.

Give yourself opportunities to be exposed to experiences that will encourage you, that will inspire you. Spend your leisure time reading books, watching movies, attending shows, or visiting exhibitions. I believe that these are the “little things” that are responsible for helping us widen our perspectives, knowledge, and morals.

Lucia Jeric

Master in Arts and Culture Management